The Producer

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The second component of an Achiever is the Producer. We say the Producer “gets today’s work done today.” They love goals and metrics with a focus on accomplishment. 

As business owners and team leaders, we love Producers. They are the folks that get things done. Their results often speak for themselves. 

 -You need to hit a monthly sales target? You need a producer!

 -You have to move your entire warehouse across town to a new facility overnight?

 You need a producer!

-You plan to install a new Point of Sale system for your business and roll it out to 15     store locations? You need a Producer!

-Your agency has been given a new territory and the brand is looking for you to hit some big sales goals? You need a Producer!

Sadly, it seems there are fewer and fewer Producers in the work force. We hear it all the time: “How do I motivate this team to higher results?” “Why can’t I get my employees to come to work on time anymore?” “Am I the only one on the team who is capable of getting things done?”

It’s easy to blame your staff for their underperformance. But maybe there’s some other way to look at this. What kind of environment have you created in your team? A producer wants to produce. They thrive on it. Sometimes we—as managers and owners—create obstacles that actually reduce the Producer’s effectiveness and results.

 Here are some of the obstacles that are causing the problem:

 -Leadership inconsistency

 -Lack of clear goals and expectations

 -Needless traditions

 -Being under-challenged

 -Lack of training

 -Lack of recognition

But mostly, Producers are profoundly affected by a weak manager that tolerates poor performance from the team. In other words, the Producer prospers on a winning team. When you (as a manager) reduce or remove standards or fail to measure results and accept incompetence you are creating a culture that demotivates and disengages your producer. Why can’t you motivate your team to higher results? Take a close look; have you actually created that environment yourself? Your Producers will either lose their motivation (and their production) or they’ll go elsewhere looking for the inspiring environment they need to succeed. 

Be sure you’ve done these things:

  1. Clearly define and communicate WHY you do what you do as an organization. Achievers need to know they’re doing something worthwhile, with other people who care. 
  2. Measure results. Producers love this and it creates an environment where accomplishment is rewarded, and constant improvement is expected. 
  3. Train. Achievers—and Producers—want to learn. They’re hungry for it.
  4. Set goals. Big goals. Make sure your team knows what winning looks like. Then celebrate when you do.


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