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At the Shimano Dealer Panel, twenty bicycle dealers and The Mann Group came together to solve the problem of the declining bicycle industry—here’s the why, what, and how of The 20 Collective.


Bicycle Habitat


Jax Bicycles

Cahaba Cycles

Incycle Bicycles

University Bikes

Cycle Technique

Goodales Bike Shop

Cal Coast Bicycles

Cycle Craft

Bike World Iowa

River City Bicycles

Mikes Bikes

Obsession Bikes (no longer involved in Collective)

Sports Garage

Recycled Cycles

Zane’s Cycles


Race Pace Bicycles

Summit Bicycles


A Unified Voice to Make Bicycling Relevant


31 million people ride a bike, but only between one and six times per year, presenting an enormous opportunity for consumers to ride more frequently. 24 million people ride between 6 and 20 times per year, presenting an opportunity to change casual riders to enthusiasts. And traffic in retail stores is down, presenting additional opportunity to capture new riders.

Too often people pick the wrong equipment or the wrong route for their ride and get frustrated by an unsafe or bad experience and don’t return to the bike regularly. There are thousands of expert bike retailers positioned to help.


Create a National Marketing Campaign: The industry is building a broad foundation around a technology platform to draw more people to bicycles.


We believe there are basic, common barriers to riding a bike that can be overcome through simple, inspirational information, clear maps, and digital resources. By providing these resources in a clear message via digital tools and marketing advertisements, the bicycle industry can provide gateways to more riding, more often.

We also understand that our industry as a whole is divided into silos (Retailers | Big Box | IBDs | Suppliers | Advocacy). The primary focus tends to be on marketing to the pro racer rather than bicycling as a way of life. We want to unite riders and silos into one comprehensive campaign.

More riders biking more frequently will create demand for more bike-related products. We will better equip retailers as experts ion order to help their customers improve skills, gain confidence, and most importantly, help them access the best places for bikes in their area.


Bicycle Industry Advancement Committee (BIAC): A committee of emotionally intelligent professionals in the bike industry that will vet technology, marketing, and creative content focused on making bicycling relevant. The BAIC includes retailers, suppliers, and advocacy.


RideSpot, a revolutionary new app that pools data from bike industry experts and local cyclists to create a library of information on bike rides, products, and advocacy. The app offers the advice of seasoned riders and bike shop employees in a simple to use platform. Riders can use the crowdsourced app’s guidance on suggested rides, equipment, and riding techniques, as well as turn-by-turn navigation. In an effort to build the biking community, the platform also provides rally-points, like how-tos on joining group rides, finding bike shops, and getting involved in local bike advocacy. The 20 Collective is the result of the cooperation of a group; RideSpot takes that concept and scales it to a national level.


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