Training is Forever

The first mistake we see businesses make when it comes to training is to not train at all. The second mistake is to invest in training—in hours, dollars, and workforce—and then never train again.

Many managers and owners avoid training their staff because it’s a hefty investment. Once you overcome that initial hurdle, it’s easy to pat yourself on the back, dust your hands off, and head on to the next task—but that’s not the point. In fact, the perspective that training is a one-and-done occurrence is almost as much a snafu as never training in the first place, and probably even more costly.
Training isn’t a single experience—training is forever.
Ballerinas don’t go to one class and then hit the stage. Artists don’t study their mentor for a few days and then put their work in the Louvre. Writers don’t attend a week of primary school and then head to the printing press. Like all great art forms, training takes practice. And more practice. And then even more practice.
It’s a mentality that’s applicable across fields and positions. Whether you’re a manager looking to refine your leadership skills or a salesperson trying to grow your sales, a class isn’t the solution—it’s the beginning.
Now, this may seem a bit counterintuitive coming from a training organization—but for us, the importance of continuing education is integral not only to your success, but to the success of our business model.
You see, The Mann Group’s training is undoubtedly effective—it’s been proven time and time again—but it is only effective when you continue to implement the training we teach you. If we ever hear a student gripe about a lack of results, our first question is always if they’ve been practicing the skills we taught them in the classroom. And, almost every time, the answer is “no.” We can train you, we can give you the tools to continue to improve—but only you can make our training truly effective by continuing to train yourself.
We know how difficult it was to start the training in the first place, and it’s essential that you maintain the momentum and excitement you gain when you invest in a training course and continue to train. Otherwise, in just a few months’ or years’ time, you’ll be right back where you started.
This isn’t a sales pitch; we’re not encouraging you to buy course after course provided by The Mann Group (but, hey, that’s not such a bad idea). You don’t need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to continue training.
You just need to spend ten minutes every day.
Whether those ten minutes mean practicing through role playing, reading a relevant book (shameless plug: ORBiT is a great resource!), or just talking into the mirror, it helps.
We know it can be hard to harness those good-training-vibes once again—and that’s why we’re here to help. We want the training you invest in—ours or otherwise—to be effective; we genuinely want you and your business to succeed, and know that perpetual training is the answer.
So we asked ourselves: “What’s easier than picking up a book or recruiting a coworker for role play or even wiping the steam off the bathroom mirror?” The answer: YouTube.
Over the next few months, you’ll see The Mann Group’s YouTube page become a veritable library of training videos. From quick snippets of training nuggets like Dan’s Do This! to more extensive explorations of topics like communication and engagement, we hope you’ll consider these videos a resource for your continued education—and a fun one, at that.
Contrary to popular belief, if you don’t ride a bike for a few years, you will actually fall the next time you try. If you don’t practice the skills you want to develop, if you don’t continue to train yourself, you’ll fall the next time you try.


Don’t fall—train.


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